Manchester City Canal Cruises

Although not as well-known for its waterways as Venice or Amsterdam, Manchester does have an abundance of lovely canals in which you may dump an unrequired shopping trolley or unfortunate murder victim. The total amount of history in the town, and its links to Liverpool via the Ship Canal allow it to be ripe for a few posh bloke with a beard and a boat to slap up an internet site and start charging for trips. Here is a round-up of what’s available so you don’t have to spend hours trawling through the web Visit for travsel info about Manchester.

City River Cruises

Yes, they might be located in Liverpool, and yes, they might have a title that conjures up a totally terrible song – but Mersey Ferries decided to concentrate on the significance of the Ship Canal and are actually charging punters for passage between the 2 cities. From Salford Quays you can have a 6 hour trip down the 35 miles of canal – looking into the spectacular scenery and listening to a lively commentary. They’ll inform you the story about the rich history of the canal, in addition to the 2 cities role in the industrialisation of the modern world.

To keep you lubricated there’s also a bar and snacks, should you obtain bored of nodding your face every couple of seconds pretending to listen. The thing that’s somewhat annoying about this trip is the truth that once you reach your destination in Liverpool, it’s a coach transfer back again to Salford Quays. I’d call it underwhelming; driving down the dreary, grey M62, after such an enjoyable boat ride.

Manchester Water Taxi

Nice and simple this 1 – basically individuals over at the Manchester Water Taxi (WAXI) in Castlefield will give you a fast vessel where to visit from Castlefield to Old Trafford and The Trafford Centre. Exactly like them water taxis in Venice, the trip is light on information or tourist vibes but they will enable you to get from A to B in relative comfort. So if your concept of hell is driving on the M60 within the Barton Bridge on a weekend, or getting on the 250 filled with sweaty idiots talking loudly on the phones – then this is actually the choice for you Visit for more information about Manchester boat and cruise tours..

City Centre Cruises

Located in Castlefield and with two massive bloody boats, City Centre Cruises have plenty of options for you really to get on the waterways and have a great time. The company offers both Private Hire options, and Scheduled boats with set events and times, and so whatever you’re searching for – you’ll be likely to locate it. Booking privately you can make the most of a lot of dining options, an absolutely licenced bar, DJ & Karaoke options and plenty more to ensure that your house party or hen party can be as mucky as you want it to be.

Using their Scheduled cruises they have some good options including MUFC Match day travel, a Sunday Lunch cruise, and even an Afternoon Tea Cruise where you can pretend you’re one of many aristocracy, eating small sandwiches and cakes while a flock of ducks take part in their mating season right away from window.

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