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Afghanistan Taliban Stay Revisions: Weight top head Ahmad Massoud said on Sunday he accepted proposals from spiritual scholars for a negotiated settlement to finish the fighting.
Militiamen devoted to Ahmad Massoud get portion in an exercise exercise in Panjshir province in Afghanistan. (File photo via AP)
Afghanistan situation Stay Media Revisions: A spokesman for the Taliban said on Saturday that the new Afghan government will be declared soon, but he didn’t establish when live update. Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told a news discussion that after catching Panjshir, the past holdout of weight makes, the Taliban controlled the entire country.

No disagreements within Taliban over new government, claims spokesman
Based on news agency AP, Taliban spokesman, Mujahid, has rejected that there have been any disagreements within the motion about the formation of a brand new government. As the spokesman stated that the federal government will be declared soon, he didn’t collection a date.

He also said girls were right back at the job in the health and knowledge groups and “different fields is going to be presented, one by one, once the machine has been established for them” ;.
Discussed: Can the Taliban variety an alliance with Mexico’s drug cartels?
Afghanistan and Mexico might appear remote from one another on a world place and will also be separated by key historic, sociological and spiritual differences. Nevertheless the Taliban and the Mexican cartels are united by the fact they are equally economically influenced by drug trafficking and use extreme violence to expand their political power and get a grip on of territory. In front of the elections in Mexico in August, numerous prospects were threatened and killed by the cartels, which reinforced different prospects and bought votes more overtly than actually before.

In 2009, well-known authorities had previously presented evidence to the US Congress of the worldwide perils sat by the Taliban and Mexico’s cartels as ‚Äútransnational drug-trafficking organizations‚ÄĚ at a US Congress experiencing, going out harmful similarities that have only increased because then. (Read more)

14:06 (IST)
06 SEP 2021

Britain looking carefully at suicides among Afghan experts
Britain is investigating whether some experts from the Afghan conflict have got their particular lives as they are so devastated by the disorderly withdrawal of US-led makes from the country Britain’s armed makes minister said on Monday.

The humiliation of the lightning Taliban takeover in Afghanistan following a 20-year conflict that cost hundreds of tens and thousands of lives and at the very least a billion dollars has dismayed experts of the war. Britain lost 457 armed makes personnel in Afghanistan, or 13 % of the international military coalition’s 3,500 fatalities because 2001.

James Heappey, a junior defence minister, originally told Air Media that some soldiers had taken their particular lives previously week “due to the emotions they’ve had over what’s occurring in Afghanistan” ;.But Heappey later rowed right back from the review, showing the BBC that his comment have been inaccurate. “We’re looking very, cautiously at whether it’s true that somebody has taken their living within the last few few days,” he told BBC TV.

The defence ministry said Heappey had misspoken and so it had number proved destruction instances among British Afghan experts because of the withdrawal. (Reuters)
New Afghan government to be declared could be interim, claims Taliban
Taliban spokesman claims new Afghan government to be declared could be interim, with a see toward improvements in potential, studies Reuters.

Speaking on the Pakistan offical’s visit, he claims: “Pakistan repeatedly asked to see Kabul & we lately agreed. They are focused on the launch of prisoners, those that fit in with Pakistan and want to carry out episodes in Pakistan. We certain them that no body is going to be allowed to threaten any place from Afghanistan.” (TOLOnews)

Panjshir weight top head Ahmad Massoud claims he is secure
Afghan weight head Ahmad Massoud claims in Twitter message that he is secure, studies Reuters.

China is essential for Afghanistan, claims Taliban spokesman
Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid reitereated the group’s position so it wants good relations with the world. He also expected China as the group’s preferred partner.

China is just a major economic power and is essential for Afghanistan and Afghanistan needs its help for reconstruction and growth, he said in a press conference.
Conflict has concluded, claims Taliban spokesman
The conflict has concluded, said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid in a press discussion on Saturday, studies TOLOnews.

Mujahid stated that the Taliban wish to truly have a secure Afghanistan, adding that anyone who use up hands could be the enemy of the folks and the country.

He repeated that an Islamic and accountable government is going to be formed. The Afghan makes who have been qualified previously two decades is going to be asked to rejoin the safety departments alongside the Taliban makes, he added.
In photos: knowledge below Taliban

Below Taliban, college students are segregated predicated on gender and female students are needed to wear hijab, in accordance with pictures discussed on cultural media. The photos are reported to be from Ibn-e- Sina College in Kabul.

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